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Dusty Saw Designs

USA Wood Flag

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I hand pick each 2x12 pine board to made sure I'm using the very best lumber. Each board is planed to get a flat surface then milled to size. Each strip (1.5" wide & 1" thick) is a single piece of wood and the banner (star area) is one solid block of wood as well. I've designed the stars and they are are cut to perfection with my CNC machine. The stars have been designed to have an angle inside the deep 7/8" cut that's also 1" across. The boards are then hand-torched to give an aged rustic look. After painting they are glued up with high-end wood glue and clamped over night. After the glue is dry it has become one solid block of wood what will not come apart. The final step is to apply polyurethane to seal the wood and give it a semi-gloss finish. High-end hangers our added to the back and I also include wood screws for mounting to a stud and heavy duty drywall screws. This is a process I take seriously to make sure each one of my flags will look amazing in your home or office and stand the test of time.

Height: 19-3/4 Inches; Width: 37 Inches; Depth: 1-3/8 Inches

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